The truth about pregnancy and labour

Not for sensitive or people who are like ewww icky no more please.  Cause believe me once you start reading this you will not want to stop even if you are almost been sick at the thoughts or peeing yourself with laughter.

They say that pregnancy is a blissful thing that women get a glow about them and all things are great, that the expecting mother is over joyed and excited and the dad to be is waiting patiently for his little bundle.  They say during pregnancy there may be complications but most of the time its easily solved.  They say morning sickness last only a few weeks and that labour is not that bad and you forget about the pain after and it is the most magical experience for both a expectant mum or dad.

This is a fairy tail do not believe them when they make it all gooey and flowers and butterflies and pretty little daises because they are trying to trick you yes you heard me maybe 20% of women will say yes it was like this for them 3% will be lying and truly disillusion and just lost all the brains they had left after pregnancy and labour because of all the sleepless nights of a newborn. 3% Truly did have a simple straight forward pregnancy and birth where the birth hardly lasted long enough to record! The other 14% are so annoyed at been lied to about it before getting pregnant they are now doing it to you just to watch you suffer.

Don’t get me wrong pregnancy birth and parenthood is a wonderful experience but come on lets not jazz it up. Here’s why

My first pregnancy pretty much straight forward no morning sickness, no heartburn, no ever expanding feet or high blood pressure nothing.  I got 38weeks thinking wow why do women complain other then the discomfort from been pregnant and carrying a baby in front of me it was truly OK! till I hit 38 weeks 5 days when I started suffering the most horrendous pain ever in my back.  Seriously I had never been in pain this bad before I literally ended up in hospital I vowed I would never experience pain this bad or worse again.

That was short lived 3 days later I woke with the same pain in my back but pain in my stomach.  Only thing was the pain had got worse! How on earth and all I was given for it a couple of painkillers from the nurse on duty how nice.  3 hours later and finally a new nurse saw me and said I was in active labour!  So this is the pain I got told over and over I would forget after YEAH RIGHT AS IF LIARS.

Now for me the pain was unbearable with it been my first it was totally unexpected I never imaged it would be that bad.  I remember how I was all sweaty and hot and couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to sit stand lie or run away I would have run away if I knew it would stop the pain.

Any how no pain relief and 7 hours later I was pushing my first born out and by word it hurt more then the stomach pain at this point I did not give a crap how bad I looked or what anyone else was going through in the room!.

Afterwards I could hardly Sit my tushy hurt that much.  But I figured get over it embrace it because I will never ever go through that again!

Little did I know while I was delirious with pain my parent was having a horrible time coping in the labour room.  Us women seriously block a lot out when in pain.  Which is why it was a surprise to me when my partner said he had be traumatised for life and it was like a scene out of a horror movie.  Apparently  my dearest mother push him to the bottom of the bed just as babies head came out and I tore apparently he will never get that image out of his mind again.  Now I didn’t see it but I felt it and You know what I don’t blame him for saying never again will I go into a labour room.

But 5 years later There I was again pregnant but with twins and by gosh It was amazing knowing these two tiny babies where inside me growing but it hurt every day walking sitting lying standing anything I did it was like I had 10 ton of bricks pulling me forward not to mention the no toe show! This labour I have to be honest was painless I got a epidural as soon as I could which obviously caused complications from me been unable to get up and walk for 7 hours, One hour of pushing and still no babies so I was prepared for a c-section should I need it I was wheeled to the operating theatre and hey presto Lucky me the forceps worked So that birth I can not complain to much about as I did not feel it but my partner true to his word did not come with me instead he sent me sister to stand at my mums side!.

After that labour I figured well it was not to bad and hey presto a year later I was in labour again with one more This time I literally just got on the bed at hospital when she literally popped out the midwife just caught her in time! Don’t get me wrong the pain was awful but it did not last long enough for me to dwell on.

Then about a year later pregnant again probably the worst pregnancy I had in and out of hospital needles, drips, iron infusions blood transfusions and not to mention horrendous SPD if you don’t know what that is google it and you will see.  The labour again quick but certainly not painless expect the fact I was alone no family my partner had the kids at home so I was literally on my own with just the midwives.

Now the truth is yes labour is painful and 90% of women will remember the pain 5% will forget for losing braincells during it and 5% are just plain weird and don’t feel a thing.  But the truth is you never forget the pain or the experience no one can say its not to bad until they go through it just like no one can say giving birth is nothing until they do it and experience the feeling of it.

Lets stop jazzing up what pregnancy and birth is like.  Yes its an amazing experience wonderful but be honest about the gore and pain !  And for goodness sake remember your partner make sure he stays near your head or he might just be traumatised for life!

This is the light at the end of any bad pregnancy and birth experience and it is well worth it.

Yes shes newborn and only 5 hours old very big baby!

Yes shes newborn and only 5 hours old very big baby!



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