The Learning station


Just a quick post this time about The Learning Station.

So I though today I would post about these videos I found on ebay a while ago.

They are all by The Learning Station and I had never heard of them before and quite a few other people I spoke to have not either.

The learning station seems to be great fun music videos where it teaches children words to songs plus the moves.  Now for me this is a great thing it keeps my children entertained for hours.  They try copy the moves and actually have fun doing them even when they get it wrong!

I have taken a few videos of them watching the videos on youtube as well as trying to copy and follow the moves.  They do the normal ones you see in nursery such as “head shoulders knees and toes” “5 little monkeys” but they also do some other great one such as “Go Bananas”  “A root chy cha”  Now for my kids they can watch and listen to these all day I think it also helps a lot that the main guy suits it he looks great and to be honest if I was a child I would want to copy him he makes it look so fun and like he himself is enjoying himself unlike others where they look like they are doing it just to get paid.

In most of the videos he also has children or adults dancing and singing behind him.  A lot of the songs are also learning ones and about healthy food.

Take a look I am certain your kids will love it.

Here is 2 videos of my children watching/dancing to them below is also a link to their site and a few youtube videos.

I did not make any of the music in the videos.  The music in these videos where made by the learning station.


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