My First Child

So I figured I would do a post on my children one for each of them.

My first born child was a boy.  Now for me this was kind of freaky! Why? well let me explain a little family history.

My mum and dad had kids the eldest a girl, My aunty had 7 kids the first a girl, all my sisters and brothers had a girl first.  Shockingly I had a boy still trying to get over the devastation of that not because he was a born no but because I had made a deal with his dad if its a boy he picks a name girl me.  Obviously me thinking the odds where stacked in my favour.  I mean come on everyone in my family was saying its a girl its a girl.  You could have imagined my fella’s face when I was told it was a born and I lost pure paradise.  Why? because I was wrong and he was right.

Still I love my son to bits especially as he is the only boy.  He was born on the 18th April 2006 at 14:16 weighing just 6lb 4 oz.  I felt so happy and over the moon.

For years he was a only child, and dare I admit it spoilt!  He was cheeky but very shy.  and well behaved growing up.

He is now 8 year old and turn 9 in April.  Wow just saying that makes me feel so much older then I should lol,  He is great at school in top classes.  He is great at spelling and maths. Unlike a lot of 8/9 year old’s who love to play computer games most of the time, He loves art he’s constantly drawing painting glue sticking and making a mess for me to clean up after obviously.

All in all he was a nice and welcomed surprised.  I am glad I had a boy first because had I not I could quiet possibly just have 5 girls not 4 girls 1 boy!

So I had stopped writing and finished went to get pictures of him to add and oh my.  Just looking back made me realise how much he has grown and how tiny he used to be almost in tears here!


What? Why are you looking at me like that?

What? Why are you looking at me like that?


You talking to me?

You talking to me?

Do I look good in these?

Do I look good in these?

1929747_27637462576_2198_n 1929747_27637477576_3843_n 1929747_28356772576_4718_n

WOW I got some.

WOW I got some.


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