Questions Questions Questions why so many Questions?

So I am sure all mum’s dad’s parent’s etc can relate to this.  The questions people complete strangers seem to ask you about your family life and kids.

For instance when I am out with my twin girls, I constantly get asked are they twins and for some reason strangers from it OK to ask if they where conceived naturally? Now that question always freaks me out to the day.  Its like asking if I was impregnated with a turkey baster or actually had sex! Just not in them words, which always makes me feel weird and I just reply all babies are conceived naturally cause to be honest they are none are made from fake cells etc.

Another one people like to ask which I am still shocked at is “Which is the evil one” ERM hello? did you really just ask me which of my twin girls is evil…. For this I simply say none in my eyes but why not ask the devil himself.

So that’s just a few of the twin ones.

Now for us with more then 2 kids.  Why do people think its right to ask how we cope?

I can not count the number of times I get asked this yes you might be taking interest but this is the sort of question you would expect from social services or Dr’s asking how you cope with any added stress or demand.  Not a complete stranger in the street.

I have been asked so many questions while out and about with my kids it is unbelievable some are not bad and are genuine questions such as are they all mine, I don’t have a problem if people assume or not that they are so I do not have a problem with them asking either.  Another question is asking If I am happy.  This to me is weird but this is someone wanting to actually know if it was the life I would have chose and my answer is always the same yes.

Now recently I have started my own business.  This alone brought on a whole new level of questions.  Such as “How do I manage” “You must be so stressed” “I bet you could do with a break” and “Rather you then me”

Now they do not bother me the one that does most is the “you could do with a break” Because honestly now I have my business I actually feel so much better more productive and like I am doing something for me and the kids rather then just the kids.

This has the be the only time I have ever really talked about the whole questions people ask.  I have not even covered a quarter so if you want to know more questions I get asked Just ask! lol


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