The change that comes with time.

We know over time that things change mostly for the good.

We have over time got electric, gas, radiators cars etc.

Most of the things have a good effect.  Computers hi-tech devices help us with day to day things.

But then over time we forget the old things such as what it was like when we was a child and what we liked.

Remember how you used to have a favourite toy where is that toy now? Do they still make them?

Most Children now are all about the techs.  You can hear them talking about what their latest phone is or how they got the new PS4 the day it became available in shops.  But have you ever wondered what difference it would make to throw the kids back 20+ years?  We know ipad’s, etc are educational with the right app’s.  But did you know that a simple toy such a building blocks actually educates them much more?  Ever though what the difference would be to your child attending Sports after school club to your child just playing outside alone? What if I said that your child just been allowed to play out is actually better then them doing sports club?

In the next few days I will post a link to tell you exactly how toys effect our kids and how they actually can benefit from good old fashion toys such as wooden blocks, dolls, kitchens, and just a simple thing like beads and thread can have a huge impact on your child’s learning.


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