Happy Mothers Day I Think

Firstly I would like to wish all the mums and mum-to-be a very happy mothers day.

Today is a hectic day for me.  One It is mothers day, Two it is my daughters 1st Birthday and Three It is my nana’s Birthday.

You would think for a mother of 5 kids with a partner mothers day would be different relaxing or as relaxing as it can be with 5 kids lol.  Nope its not.  I was up at around 5 ish with a moody now 1 year old.  Ended up sitting in rocking chair with her asleep on my chest till about half 6.  Stupid me moved slightly and she woke and hey presto a screaming baby. Again.

So I take her down and she opens her presents.  He brother (8) watching her open the presents her dad is upstairs sat in bed and my other 3 daughters where just waking,

So far today I have cleaned up, Cooked dinner, sorted kids breakfast, Finished making Birthday cake, Made buns and muffins been to shop and got the baby down for a nap.

You see for me mothers day is just like any other normal day.  Yes I would love a lie in where I get to sleep till after 9am But that is not going to happen.  I would also love presents chocolates or flowers but again that is not going to happen.  This year I actually bought myself some chocolate last night.  Not the same as been given them but still better then nothing.

But here is the funny thing I love it,  Mothers day is about been a mother enjoying it so why are we all so fussed about having time to ourselves on mothers day?  It is a day for mothers to be with their children.

This year mothers day was special for me, My daughter turned one today which Is amazing I still can not believe how big she has gotten already! Also it is my nanas birthday, although she has passed away every day I think about her and every year I remember her birthday.  I now have my wonderful daughter who now celebrates her birthday with this special women who meant and still does mean so much to me.  She truly was the most amazing women in the world.

So remember mothers day is to cherish your mother and to celebrate been a mother so grab your kids give them a cuddle and watch some films together.



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