Memories can last a life time.

Isn’t it weird how you remember things from years ago yet you can not remember a simple phone number?

Memories can be amazing things, they can make you smile and be happy in sad times.  So many of our memories are triggered by things we see or say.  Yet the amazing thing is most of the time the memories are something that means so much,

I was walking through town and I saw a sign post.  I instantly remember my nana always saying walking under them was bad luck.  She used to say bread and butter, Why? I do not know but she believed it would stop the bad luck.  It actually made me smile the fact something so small can trigger such a big emotion in you is utterly amazing.

We rely on our memories of our past way more then we think.  All the people from our past are stored away in our minds.  If we lose someone close to us, our memories are our comfort they remind us of all the good times they show us their face and remind us of the small things they used to say that could make us laugh or feel secure.

Memories are a powerful thing and they stay with us for a long time.  However there is of course a bad side to that and that is bad memories.  The memories of things that happened you want to forget but they are so bad it is impossible to forget.  I have far more of these memories then I do good ones.  When I think back I can remember the wonderful times I had growing up however there is always more bad memories waiting there to be heard.

No matter how much we try block these memories out it is not possible.  All we can do is learn to live with them and remember that those bad things eventually lead you to where you are today and created good things in the process.  For me the bad things lead to me having 5 wonderful kids and now my own business If someone had said that to me 8 years ago I would have laughed because there was no way I believed something good was going to come from all the bad.

Memories are amazing things we keep the ones that made us stronger and remind us of who we truly are inside.  Never forget to let them in.


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