Things kids say and do.

I mean seriously how do kids come up with these things?

My daughter today come running in the kitchen half dressed and shouted “Mum, Why you put a hole in my tights”  I had no option but to laugh and her response was “It’s really not funny mum look”  So I stopped laughing and looked.  Replied “It was not me I do not go round putting holes in tights don’t be silly”  Her reply “You must have cause I did not”  Commence her storming out the room that is her now at the age of 4 gosh I will have it bad when she is older.

My other kids say and do equally as funny things.

Another thing from today my other daughter 2 said “I can do push ups” I had to laugh again and say “Oh really, show me” she proceeded to get down her hands and feel on the floor her bum in the air and he head down moving her bum from side to side.  When she got up she had a look of I am so good and even said “See I’m better then daddy”  At this point I had to agree she looked so happy and cuffed she was doing it and right I could not burst her little bubble.

Now me I am petrified of spiders, My daughter came out of her room holding a drawing board.  With a spider on it saying “Look mum I found a spider” Her dad insisted on letter her keep it as long as it stayed on the drawing board.  Me I was waiting for it to fall off so I could hoover it up.  Having said that she quite enjoyed sitting there watching it crawl around but somehow lost it.

Not that she was bothered 10 minutes later she found a bigger one and was sat in the conservatory with it.  It is weird how most children are not scared of spiders yet more adults seem to be!


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