Always Always Complaining Never Never Happy

So been a mum is hard lets face it.  No matter how well you plan no matter how many schedules you make it will never go to plan.

My house Is not clean in no way but its also not the worse!  But many people look at it and immediately assume I just sit on my arse all day.  But they are totally wrong.

You see I have a schedule but It never goes to plan.  I will get side tracked by the kids wanting to play or my daughter been ill and needing her inhaler which means she wants cuddles or I have to watch her like a hawk to ensure she does not run about to much.  I do clean you may not see it and yes you may walk into my house and think omg it looks like a bomb has hit.  But what would you expect having 5 kids?  Yes I can run around and pick everything up after my kids every little toy and stress at them to put it away or sit nice and not touch but where is the fun in that for them?   You see I do clean but you can probably guess that almost immediately one of the kids will throw something on the floor followed by the other 4.  So yes I let them they are kids I do not see the point in running round stressing myself and them just over a bit of mess.

You see I spend my time either working ( business) or playing with my kids and cooking them food. Bathing them and getting them dressed doing the shopping and ensuring they have toys to play with.  Surely that is more important then running round all day abandoning the kids and cleaning to a standard of someone’s house without kids?

You see look around you watch your kids look how much fun they are having not worrying that mummy or daddy will tell me off if this toy goes on the floor or if I get more then one toy our.

Next time you walk into a parents house a house where there are kids and you see mess don’t just jump to the conclusion that the parent is lazy or dirty or messy instead look at their children see how happy they are see the fun they are having and the glint in their eyes for been able to play freely all day.

Now I know what most of you might be thinking is how would is this I am not saying my house is like the ones you see in the papers about children been abandoned far from it.  But people with such high standards who do not let a single thing touch the floor or a single cup go unwashed and immediately have to wash their cup out or wipe the top down the top before serving dinner.  My house to you would be a mess even if it only had maybe 5 toys on the floor an a few dishes waiting to be washed.

My point is there is more important things in life then worrying about what people will say about your house or worrying about the cleaning.  Of course I am in no way saying never clean again but just remember children are only children for some time before they grow up and leave they need you more when they are young then when they can look after themselves.

So the dishes can wait till the kids are in bed have fun with your children teach them the way to be parents themselves to have fun with kids and not be so serious all the time.


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