100 Happy Days Here Is My Attempt

So here it goes.  I though I would try this 50/100/500 etc happy day challenge.

So what is the challenge all about and how do I know about it?

Several of my friends on facebook have been doing a post a day with it.  Only very small ones maybe 15-30 words and a picture.  I asked what it was all about and it is apparently a great way for people who have a hard time thinking positive to become more positive.

How? Simple it really is every day there is something positive that happens even something small that makes you smile is a positive.  So why does everyone seem to be posting negatives over and over every day about their life?  Because they are not looking for the positives.

So heres my 100 Happy days I will write one each day for the day before.  I will try make them a bit longer and more in depth.

Day One 29th May 2015

Yesterday I realised something, I have the most amazing helpful children.

Even my 1 year old helped tidy yesterday bless her.

We were cleaning upstairs in the bedrooms and moving clothes from wardrobe to draws.  My 1 Year old was putting the dirty (and clean) clothes in the wash basket.  Just shows how much my children learn from watching me.

My other 3 children aged 3 and 4(twins) Where helping me by bringing their clothes out of their wardrobe to me at the draws.

Truly amazing and made me smile seeing how happy children are to help clean and tidy at such a young age and do not know its more like a chore then fun.

Unlike my 9 year old who well does not cooperate as easily now he has realised what he has doing lol

My perfect little family 🙂


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