How I keep my kids entertained in the summer

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So the fact is people think for kids to have a lot of fun in the garden it requires money and lots of toys when in fact it does not.  Till a year ago I had no garden toys basically just a paddling pool, and the plastic ride on cars.

So I got creative I so wish I had pictures of this I do but for some reason I can not find them.

I would tape cardboard boxes together flat on the floor and cover with paper.  Giving the kids paint and wearing just a swim suit they I would let them paint,  They would roll around in it making imprints of their bodys on the paper and and have a paint fight.  The kids love doing this unfortunately they use all the paint but the fun they have is amazing!  When/if I find pictures I will add them.  I have however added rainy day ones from when we do it in the house just not as messy or as much space

IMG_1509IMG_1510IMG_1507 IMG_1508 IMG_1512 IMG_1513

So as you can imagine this much mess in the conservatory you can only dream of the mess outside!

Along with messy paint there is mud kids love mud love playing in it making a mess and in general laughing at mum and dads faces when they see the mess.

Unfortunately pictures are old and not very good as they where scanned

IMG_1299 IMG_1300

Number 2!!! Also another great thing paddling pools unfortunately ours has burst so needs replacing but this is something all kids love and it cools them down parents tend to moan about the house becoming wet but what the hell kids need to have fun even if it is running in and out of the house wet.  Another cheap and fun thing to do!

IMG_1392 IMG_1389 IMG_1390

Now my kids love the idea of running through/under water.  I did not want to pay loads of money getting one of them toy sprinklers cue the pound shop.  They had a garden sprinkler that works just as well and only costs £1!

IMG_1394 IMG_1396

Then there is cars and pushchairs my kids love nothing more then racing in the garden with their pushchairs.  Fun and uses their energy and knocks them out for the night,  Along with bikes and a sand table if only I had a bigger one that small thing for 5 kids really causes some arguments!  but still a lot of fun!

IMG_1030 IMG_1034 IMG_1036 IMG_1038 IMG_1039

And the recent ones we have just got these which the kids love as well trampoline and swing/sea saw.  Great fun and big enough to share!

WP_20150602_005 WP_20150602_001 WP_20150602_007

And last what my one year old loves to do in the garden simple.

Playing with pop up tents and balls


So you see money is not needed for having fun in the garden yes it adds games and such things but you can still make your own fun with no or very little money


One thought on “How I keep my kids entertained in the summer

  1. Wow! All that paint looks like so much fun!! I love that kids don’t need much to be kept entertained. Great post. Thanks for entering and good luck!


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