In the words of buggys lets get rolling

So in the last 9 years I have had many buggies. Singles and doubles, Tandems and strollers.

But lets be honest there is not perfect buggy because well everyone has different views and likes what one person thinks is amazing and the bees knees is to heavy for someone else.

My first buggy was good at the time remember this was like 9/10 years ago!

A pushchair which you fitted the car seat on top of.  So here is a picture (not my picture) of the buggy I had my first ever buggy.


So the thing about this buggy was it was great light you could remove the car seat and keep baby asleep in it.

Downsize it was still the same width when folded and it was still quite big.  You could easily see baby but getting the car seat on and off when baby was heavier was harder.  It was in the end just a simple buggy or it would be now anyway with the latest gadgets on buggies these days.

My next buggy was one similar to this one. It cost me like £30 new it was simple light weight and umbrella fold great!  Bur boring I got bored quickly of it.  By the way we are still on my first child! And he was maybe 1 by this time lol  So this is a picture its similar to this.


Cue me buying yet another one for my son.  I got this one at a car-boot sale for £15 I believed it looked great couldn’t wait to test drive it as I had carried my son there and got him in it immediately! So it felt great to push but was a pain to fold and after so long again I got bored and wanted something else.  By that time my son was to old for one anyway.

So here it is probably the best buggy I had with my son if only it folded easier! (picture not mine)

$_57 (1)

So cue the twin now you can guess how hyper I was in 2010 to buy a buggy from the fantastic new ones there was and to be buying one for twins!

So my first buggy was a obaby twin side by side simple umbrella fold Looked great and was light weight felt great to push. Reclined seats and specious and 2 shopping baskets amazing! Downside the handle bars are not suitable for short people! If your as short as me 5ft then your arms hurt from having to stretch so far and when your walking up the hill its like your doing exercises which ends up putting your in pain!  So after 3 months bye bye my first twin buggy.


During the first 2 months I also bought a single buggy so it was easier getting on and off buses  I would carry one baby in the sling and one would be in the buggy.  This buggy is great if you have twins and don’t want to push them both and carry one.  Very light weight and means that when you get to someone’s house you can remove the car seat and put the twin your carrying in the buggy and both babies are safe.


My second buggy was an Icandy this buggy was amazing you could have carseats carrycots or seats.  You could have one car seat one carry cot.  The height of the handle was adjustable so my partner liked that aspect most where to small and meant him bending over to push it!  Truly an amazing buggy with a lot of features. You could also use it as a single.  It has tabs one yellow one blue so you knew which seat when in which place.

Downside don’t get pregnant or back problems!! This buggy is heavy I had to give it up after just 6 months because I was pregnant and it was just to heavy to push My partner was no impressed after I spent £500 on a second hand one!

$_57 DOUBLE-PRAM-Twin-travel-system-ICandy-pear-20141001115828

So my next buggy was this low handles and light weight easy to push.

Downside not much space for babies and to big side to side awkward getting on and off buses and don’t even think about if someone else is on the path with a buggy its like buggy wars because of how wide it is but the plus side is the bar is not just 2 handles at either side there is just one long handle! yay

Next up hauck duo put it this way no test drive was done….. Why? because it fits through most standard doorways apparently? what a load of rubbish I put it together couldn’t get it out my living room so had to fold it into the hall wouldn’t go through my front door outside would not fit through my gate so immediately asked for a refund or alternative because clearly it was not small

$_57 (2)

So the next one unfortunately I can not remember brand or have a picture.

It fit through the door just and was very light and small great for getting on and off buses This was almost the last double buggy I had if it had not been so hard getting around shops I would have kept it.

Cue the worse ever buggy to get never even look at one seriously! It was a double buggy but like a single small to be used for a baby from around 2 months and one from around 8 months.

Smallest in the back biggest in the front.  Back seat reclined from seat did not.  Weight of it was like 4 buggies seriously the handles way to high for someone 5ft and not far enough out for my partner to push because he kicked the buggy when he pushed it constantly worse buggy ever.  Forgot about the part where when its laid down the seat actually comes further out then the handles!


Almost forgot about this one. Quinny speedi not a bad buggy but top long and heavy again.

971164_10151729610617577_1420183607_n 1604863_10152298307372577_1051851242_n

And last amazingly my last child who is now one bless her has only ever had one buggy this one

So here is a mother care one a old versions.

Like the icandy but cheaper and not as equipped.  You can have seat unit or car seat.

Does not weigh to much and handles adjust.  Downside sometimes going down/up curbs the front wheel turns and the buggy tips forward there is an art to doing it so it does not do this,  Which after a year of having it I have mastered.

1507852_10152340004552577_149307585_n 1969115_10152340004697577_2055045986_n

So in my honest opinion my favourite buggy was the icandy expensive but fun and stylish great as long as you do not have a weak back or are pregnant.

The worst would have to be the babzee twin one in front of another its like a mountain and weight the same as about 4 buggies.  test drive as many buggies as you can there is no law in your putting your buggy up and pushing it round the house it it does not feel right or there is a slight thing you don’t like in the house pushing it send it back!! It will be worse outside!


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