Relax go with it no children are accidents to close together and no parent is unprepared!

This is something that frankly I hate.

People ask if your child was planned I reply no the response it oh so she was an accident then.

NO please do not call my children accidents.  They may not have been planned but I knew full well what I was doing and what could happen.. Even with my last I did not find out I was pregnant till 6 months gone nearly she was not an accident.

I can not stand to hear parents call their own children accidents like they did not want them.  No child should be brought up to be told you was an accident.

Another thing my children where not born to close together…..You say it as if having kids a year apart is a bad thing like oh that’s bad them poor kids born that close together.  Where is the evidence that a child suffers from it? There is not any why because its a load of rubbish.

I have my 9 year old son and he was an only child for 5 years yes he got all the time in the world with me but missed out on the sharing and having someone else to play with.

I then have twin girls 4 another girl 3 and another girl 1 now you see why people say I had them to close together.  Well I did not I love my children and to be honest I would not go back and wait extra years….Why because my girls have learnt a lot from each other.

I potty trained my twin girls just over 3 years and immediately my 3 year old who was then just 2 started copying in their steps within a week she was potty trained because she wanted to be big like her sisters where seeing them ditch the nappies made her want to.

Yes it can be hard at times but also a great reward to see all 4 girls sitting and playing with a ball rolling it to each other.  They have learnt what each other like and dislike and amazingly comfort them or watch over each other in nursery.

One of my girls is not a great talker but you can guarantee if she wants something one of her sisters tell me.  Now this is not me saying my son is not the same because he is but not to the same level.  He is no where near as close or comforting to them as they are to each other which is why I wish he had a sister/brother to grow up with.

And another thing people like to comment on if you go out and forget something.  Or you leave your sons lunch bag at home or get your child weighed and forget the red book or because you are rushing about at 39wks and after to buy everything for the baby.

You hear people including parents saying they where unprepared.

Every parent is unprepared no matter how many times you go through it.  There is always something that you forget to pack in your hospital bag despite doing it over and over.  There is always that bottle/bib you forgot when you go out for the day.

There will always be a couple or single parent rushing about at the last minute to buy things because they though they had time.  I know because no matter how much planning you do not matter how many tick lists you write and check you are never fully prepared for this wonderful new life that is coming planned or unplanned.

I am fed up with seeing parents been put down because they where not planned or did not have a schedule in the first years.  Honestly no child will go by a schedule I have tried some days it works others it does not.

Because your darling baby may always feed every 3 hours and normally at 1pm you might plan to cook dinner and eat it from 11:30-12:30 but there is no guarantee your baby will sleep till then and not decide to have an extra bottle.  I know it has happened to me plenty of times.

I would take 2 bottles with me for my son for a 5 hour trip you can guarantee sometimes I had to go buy the prepared milk carton because he was extra hungry.

All planning and tasks and schedules do is add to the mess.  You fuss trying to get things done on time which makes your stressed when it does not happen which your baby and children pick up on.  Having children was in no way created for us to force them into things.  Such as routines babies should not be fed at certain times only and sleep at certain times only it is their body.  It would be like someone telling you that you had to sleep 9-6 every night and eat breakfast at exactly 7am dinner at 1 and tea at 6 it is not possible and its something you would not like.

I understand some children with disabilities such as ADHD etc need routines I agree with that but while they are babies and toddlers let them be free follow their footsteps and their routines because eventually they go to school and you miss out on that time with them and that is when they will need a routine.


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