About A loppymummylove if you can call it that

Bla here I go!

I am a mum to 5 kids and a mumpreneur.  My kids are truly sweet and innocent well at least while they are asleep the other 15hours of the day they are 2 year old tantrum throwers, 11 months old screamers, 4 year old twin wrestlers and 8 year old bored out of my mind! When they are not sleeping they never stop but truly they are wonderful well to me maybe not to others who think what are they doing licking their bedroom window and waving at strangers walking past the garden like dogs waiting for bait lol!

But been honest the kids are wonderful and make me smile and be happy even if I am for 90% of the time while they are awake stopping them from killing each other over a doll that we got 3 of so the girls would not fight.  Turns out even if there is 3 of something they fight for the first one seen anyway.  Who knew??

I am busy trying to re-train my brain by running my own business so I apologise now if anything sounds like What the heck? Or has she lost the plot.  Truly I have not I just lost a lot of brain cells giving birth which trust me never come back!


Here’s a picture of my and my devils sorry I mean angels!




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