100 Happy Days Day 2

So here is day 2 of 100 happy days 30/05/2015

Now this might actually sound well weird.

But yesterday my positive would have to be I did no work.  Yes I went on my business twitter and facebook accounts and blog but I did no work what so ever on my shop.

Amazing that is the first day in 7 months I did not edit add a product or update my store!

Meant I spent the whole day with the kids.  Something I look forward to doing a lot more often.

Downside I have catching up to do but at least school starts tomorrow so hey enough peace and quiet to do it 🙂


Triumph Over The Trampoline

So yesterday we decided to cut the grass and sort the garden out.

I say we I mean my partner while I watched well watched the kids.

He cut the grass I chased the kids around stopping them from running under the lawn mower.

I was relieved when that was over thinking the most dangerous thing now was the swing and sea saw and one of the kids running behind it and then me having a bust lip or nose to deal with and I do not do good with blood let alone a child running round screaming bleeding for me!

I was wrong though my partner then went on to pulling the dismantled trampoline out.  Not a small thing no the type that are 13ft with enclosure great for locking kids in to keep them safe lol.

So off we started trying to put this trampoline up while watching the kids and making sure then 1 year old did not run into the swing or sea saw. We got the base up well that is what I would call it the metal legs and large circle lol.

Kids by now where hyper running round and bouncing all over waiting for it to be built now it was time to add the springs and what I call trampoline mat on.  I though simple till I realised how much you had to pull and stretch the springs out.  I imagined them flying in all directions windows getting smashed, kids getting hurt and neighbours complaining.

Trying to get the kids in the house behind the window to watch so they are safe and no springs that fly off can hit them was a challenge with 6 kids. Every time we though they where all there one would poke their head round the door or the conservatory.  I felt like I was just chasing kids and telling them to stay there for half an hour.

But we did it then was the time to put the poles on that you attach the net to.  Not easy when you have kids running under the trampoline rolling in wet grass kicking it up.

And to rub salt in wounds we got visitors my partner left taking one of the kids with him and them but we got left a dog to watch.  Now most would be thinking that’s good swapping a kid for a dog but bad your one parent down.

Yeah that is till you realise they took the kid that likes dogs and left the one that screams and runs from them.  Operation keep child calm watch kids and dog while adding netting to trampoline.

Finally finished I was looking forward to the peace the trampoline would bring now the kids can play on it.  I was wrong commence screaming arguing and kids getting hurt every 5 seconds.  But at least the child scared of dogs was no longer running crying to me hiding every 2 seconds!

So yesterday was in a way a success hectic but fun to look back on!


100 Happy Days Here Is My Attempt

So here it goes.  I though I would try this 50/100/500 etc happy day challenge.

So what is the challenge all about and how do I know about it?

Several of my friends on facebook have been doing a post a day with it.  Only very small ones maybe 15-30 words and a picture.  I asked what it was all about and it is apparently a great way for people who have a hard time thinking positive to become more positive.

How? Simple it really is every day there is something positive that happens even something small that makes you smile is a positive.  So why does everyone seem to be posting negatives over and over every day about their life?  Because they are not looking for the positives.

So heres my 100 Happy days I will write one each day for the day before.  I will try make them a bit longer and more in depth.

Day One 29th May 2015

Yesterday I realised something, I have the most amazing helpful children.

Even my 1 year old helped tidy yesterday bless her.

We were cleaning upstairs in the bedrooms and moving clothes from wardrobe to draws.  My 1 Year old was putting the dirty (and clean) clothes in the wash basket.  Just shows how much my children learn from watching me.

My other 3 children aged 3 and 4(twins) Where helping me by bringing their clothes out of their wardrobe to me at the draws.

Truly amazing and made me smile seeing how happy children are to help clean and tidy at such a young age and do not know its more like a chore then fun.

Unlike my 9 year old who well does not cooperate as easily now he has realised what he has doing lol

My perfect little family 🙂


Always Always Complaining Never Never Happy

So been a mum is hard lets face it.  No matter how well you plan no matter how many schedules you make it will never go to plan.

My house Is not clean in no way but its also not the worse!  But many people look at it and immediately assume I just sit on my arse all day.  But they are totally wrong.

You see I have a schedule but It never goes to plan.  I will get side tracked by the kids wanting to play or my daughter been ill and needing her inhaler which means she wants cuddles or I have to watch her like a hawk to ensure she does not run about to much.  I do clean you may not see it and yes you may walk into my house and think omg it looks like a bomb has hit.  But what would you expect having 5 kids?  Yes I can run around and pick everything up after my kids every little toy and stress at them to put it away or sit nice and not touch but where is the fun in that for them?   You see I do clean but you can probably guess that almost immediately one of the kids will throw something on the floor followed by the other 4.  So yes I let them they are kids I do not see the point in running round stressing myself and them just over a bit of mess.

You see I spend my time either working ( business) or playing with my kids and cooking them food. Bathing them and getting them dressed doing the shopping and ensuring they have toys to play with.  Surely that is more important then running round all day abandoning the kids and cleaning to a standard of someone’s house without kids?

You see look around you watch your kids look how much fun they are having not worrying that mummy or daddy will tell me off if this toy goes on the floor or if I get more then one toy our.

Next time you walk into a parents house a house where there are kids and you see mess don’t just jump to the conclusion that the parent is lazy or dirty or messy instead look at their children see how happy they are see the fun they are having and the glint in their eyes for been able to play freely all day.

Now I know what most of you might be thinking is how would is this I am not saying my house is like the ones you see in the papers about children been abandoned far from it.  But people with such high standards who do not let a single thing touch the floor or a single cup go unwashed and immediately have to wash their cup out or wipe the top down the top before serving dinner.  My house to you would be a mess even if it only had maybe 5 toys on the floor an a few dishes waiting to be washed.

My point is there is more important things in life then worrying about what people will say about your house or worrying about the cleaning.  Of course I am in no way saying never clean again but just remember children are only children for some time before they grow up and leave they need you more when they are young then when they can look after themselves.

So the dishes can wait till the kids are in bed have fun with your children teach them the way to be parents themselves to have fun with kids and not be so serious all the time.


Things kids say and do.

I mean seriously how do kids come up with these things?

My daughter today come running in the kitchen half dressed and shouted “Mum, Why you put a hole in my tights”  I had no option but to laugh and her response was “It’s really not funny mum look”  So I stopped laughing and looked.  Replied “It was not me I do not go round putting holes in tights don’t be silly”  Her reply “You must have cause I did not”  Commence her storming out the room that is her now at the age of 4 gosh I will have it bad when she is older.

My other kids say and do equally as funny things.

Another thing from today my other daughter 2 said “I can do push ups” I had to laugh again and say “Oh really, show me” she proceeded to get down her hands and feel on the floor her bum in the air and he head down moving her bum from side to side.  When she got up she had a look of I am so good and even said “See I’m better then daddy”  At this point I had to agree she looked so happy and cuffed she was doing it and right I could not burst her little bubble.

Now me I am petrified of spiders, My daughter came out of her room holding a drawing board.  With a spider on it saying “Look mum I found a spider” Her dad insisted on letter her keep it as long as it stayed on the drawing board.  Me I was waiting for it to fall off so I could hoover it up.  Having said that she quite enjoyed sitting there watching it crawl around but somehow lost it.

Not that she was bothered 10 minutes later she found a bigger one and was sat in the conservatory with it.  It is weird how most children are not scared of spiders yet more adults seem to be!


Memories can last a life time.

Isn’t it weird how you remember things from years ago yet you can not remember a simple phone number?

Memories can be amazing things, they can make you smile and be happy in sad times.  So many of our memories are triggered by things we see or say.  Yet the amazing thing is most of the time the memories are something that means so much,

I was walking through town and I saw a sign post.  I instantly remember my nana always saying walking under them was bad luck.  She used to say bread and butter, Why? I do not know but she believed it would stop the bad luck.  It actually made me smile the fact something so small can trigger such a big emotion in you is utterly amazing.

We rely on our memories of our past way more then we think.  All the people from our past are stored away in our minds.  If we lose someone close to us, our memories are our comfort they remind us of all the good times they show us their face and remind us of the small things they used to say that could make us laugh or feel secure.

Memories are a powerful thing and they stay with us for a long time.  However there is of course a bad side to that and that is bad memories.  The memories of things that happened you want to forget but they are so bad it is impossible to forget.  I have far more of these memories then I do good ones.  When I think back I can remember the wonderful times I had growing up however there is always more bad memories waiting there to be heard.

No matter how much we try block these memories out it is not possible.  All we can do is learn to live with them and remember that those bad things eventually lead you to where you are today and created good things in the process.  For me the bad things lead to me having 5 wonderful kids and now my own business If someone had said that to me 8 years ago I would have laughed because there was no way I believed something good was going to come from all the bad.

Memories are amazing things we keep the ones that made us stronger and remind us of who we truly are inside.  Never forget to let them in.


Happy Mothers Day I Think

Firstly I would like to wish all the mums and mum-to-be a very happy mothers day.

Today is a hectic day for me.  One It is mothers day, Two it is my daughters 1st Birthday and Three It is my nana’s Birthday.

You would think for a mother of 5 kids with a partner mothers day would be different relaxing or as relaxing as it can be with 5 kids lol.  Nope its not.  I was up at around 5 ish with a moody now 1 year old.  Ended up sitting in rocking chair with her asleep on my chest till about half 6.  Stupid me moved slightly and she woke and hey presto a screaming baby. Again.

So I take her down and she opens her presents.  He brother (8) watching her open the presents her dad is upstairs sat in bed and my other 3 daughters where just waking,

So far today I have cleaned up, Cooked dinner, sorted kids breakfast, Finished making Birthday cake, Made buns and muffins been to shop and got the baby down for a nap.

You see for me mothers day is just like any other normal day.  Yes I would love a lie in where I get to sleep till after 9am But that is not going to happen.  I would also love presents chocolates or flowers but again that is not going to happen.  This year I actually bought myself some chocolate last night.  Not the same as been given them but still better then nothing.

But here is the funny thing I love it,  Mothers day is about been a mother enjoying it so why are we all so fussed about having time to ourselves on mothers day?  It is a day for mothers to be with their children.

This year mothers day was special for me, My daughter turned one today which Is amazing I still can not believe how big she has gotten already! Also it is my nanas birthday, although she has passed away every day I think about her and every year I remember her birthday.  I now have my wonderful daughter who now celebrates her birthday with this special women who meant and still does mean so much to me.  She truly was the most amazing women in the world.

So remember mothers day is to cherish your mother and to celebrate been a mother so grab your kids give them a cuddle and watch some films together.