Dads are just as amazing and important to.

So fathers day is coming up and I want to do something big and different for my dad this year.  You see to me he is the best dad the most amazing dad anyone can have.  Now I know everyone says that but he is and reading this you will see why.

My dad deserves to be rewarded I am one of 7 kids all his.  For the last 18 years he has gone without many things for his kids.  He has slept in the living room on a sofa and is still to this day looking after my little brother who has some disabilities.

You see my dad has always put us first, He would when we lived with our mum after they split pick us all up and drive us to school and my mum to work then take us all home again.  He at one point ended up sleeping in his car for some time without a home but still came to us every day to take us where we needed to go.

He would watch us while my mum went on holiday abroad take care of us.  He carried our blankets and pillows back and forth from our house to his when we had to stay there and he did not have any.

We eventually moved in with him full time.  And none of his kids made life easy most parents think one of their children coming home once a week drunk is hard and tough.  My dad had 5 of us to watch.  Needless to say most of us drank every day, drugs, got pregnant, crime etc I however was to shy and push away from it because I saw my brothers and sisters do it I seen the consequences I ran away from that life.  I spent most of my time with my nana or in my room.

I do not blame my dad for how things went he did what he could with very little money 7 kids and grand kids and not much support from family or anyone else.  He was an amazing dad he made sure we never went without.  He would not eat for days just so we could and a lot of it just got thrown back in his face.

Now I am 27 I have 5 kids myself and realise how hard it must have been for him to watch some of his kids spiral off the path like that yes things are sorted now obviously not perfect but who is?  But I have my partner and only 5 kids and I can only image the hurt I would be in if I was ever in the same situation as him.

He has not had a holiday in over 15years hes not really had time off been a dad even now at 60 yes 60 hes looking after my little brother 21 who has learning disabilities and can not look after himself.  He suffers a lot of medical problems yet even to this dad he puts us first.  He does not eat to make sure my brother has his food if money is low.  He ensures my brother has the best birthday and Christmas he can.  And he still does anything for us and yet still gets taken for granted.  Asked to take my brothers/sisters shopping for food.  To peoples houses anywhere and he is like a personal taxi.  Me however I realise that its time for him to be able to have time to himself and enjoy the time he has left.

He has never met anyone famous before never been to a concert or anything like it.

So this year for fathers day I am spending £150 on him for  2 tickets to see Frankie Valli and the four seasons he deserves a lot more then this he deserves a holiday somewhere away from family drama but right now this is all I can afford.

You see it may take time but everyone is rewarded at some point somehow in their life for their hard work.  I hate to see so many posts and newspaper articles blogs and similar talking about another dad who up and left while his girlfriend was pregnant or just had a baby and how amazing the mum is doing.  People need to realise that sometimes dads get left with the kids and without support but still do everything they can to make sure their kids get everything they need.

So you see I write this post to say that to me my dad is amazing and the best there is I believe there are other dads out there who are struggling alone with kids without a mothers help they need to be recognised and praised because lets face it they do the job just as well as mums do.


Triumph Over The Trampoline

So yesterday we decided to cut the grass and sort the garden out.

I say we I mean my partner while I watched well watched the kids.

He cut the grass I chased the kids around stopping them from running under the lawn mower.

I was relieved when that was over thinking the most dangerous thing now was the swing and sea saw and one of the kids running behind it and then me having a bust lip or nose to deal with and I do not do good with blood let alone a child running round screaming bleeding for me!

I was wrong though my partner then went on to pulling the dismantled trampoline out.  Not a small thing no the type that are 13ft with enclosure great for locking kids in to keep them safe lol.

So off we started trying to put this trampoline up while watching the kids and making sure then 1 year old did not run into the swing or sea saw. We got the base up well that is what I would call it the metal legs and large circle lol.

Kids by now where hyper running round and bouncing all over waiting for it to be built now it was time to add the springs and what I call trampoline mat on.  I though simple till I realised how much you had to pull and stretch the springs out.  I imagined them flying in all directions windows getting smashed, kids getting hurt and neighbours complaining.

Trying to get the kids in the house behind the window to watch so they are safe and no springs that fly off can hit them was a challenge with 6 kids. Every time we though they where all there one would poke their head round the door or the conservatory.  I felt like I was just chasing kids and telling them to stay there for half an hour.

But we did it then was the time to put the poles on that you attach the net to.  Not easy when you have kids running under the trampoline rolling in wet grass kicking it up.

And to rub salt in wounds we got visitors my partner left taking one of the kids with him and them but we got left a dog to watch.  Now most would be thinking that’s good swapping a kid for a dog but bad your one parent down.

Yeah that is till you realise they took the kid that likes dogs and left the one that screams and runs from them.  Operation keep child calm watch kids and dog while adding netting to trampoline.

Finally finished I was looking forward to the peace the trampoline would bring now the kids can play on it.  I was wrong commence screaming arguing and kids getting hurt every 5 seconds.  But at least the child scared of dogs was no longer running crying to me hiding every 2 seconds!

So yesterday was in a way a success hectic but fun to look back on!